Tuesday, February 28, 2006

George Washington Ball

The day after I returned to Singapore from my vacation with Leslie, Michael and I attended the George Washinton Ball (a masquerade) held at the Shangri-La Hotel across the street from our place. It was a formal charity event hosted by the American Association of Singapore. Mohan Moulani, owner of Harry's in Singapore, invited us to sit at his table. The bands performing that evening were ChromaZome (Harry's Boat Quay) and Tania (Harry's @ Orchard). They are a talented bunch of musicians and I had a fun time dancing!

Monday, February 27, 2006


I flew from Singapore to Taiwan, and then to L.A. (Singapore Airlines -- the best in the world http://www.singaporeair.com/saa/). Spent the night in L.A. then the next morning flew to Chicago to meet my dear friend, Leslie. Marriott upgraded our room to executive level. The beds were so comfy. Very early the next morning we headed to the airport to fly to Jamaica (Air Jamaica).

We were staying at Breezes Runaway Bay http://www.superclubs.com/brand_breezes/resort_runawaybay/

Our first room had two tiny twin beds (my feet were hanging over the end of the bed), the dresser drawers were stuck closed, the shower didn't work properly. Leslie kept saying "This is so sad". She said it so often that I thought it hilarious! Of course, I really hadn't slept much the previous 3 days. We decided to voice our complaints to management. The manager listened patiently and after our conversation she set out to correct the problems. The next morning she had a better room for us closer to the beach and the shower worked great!

Leslie and I had the best time together! There were three rainy days which cut our tanning time though and it felt cold to me. We celebrated Leslie's birthday on the 20th. The next day we had to leave at 1 pm. The week just flew by! I hope that she and I can vacation together again some day.