Tuesday, May 17, 2005

A Walk to Orchard Towers

Michael came home early today so that he could get in his swimming. It was pouring down rain in the morning. He swam and then we decided we'd go over to Harry's for dinner. It's a cool place in Tower 2 of the infamous Orchard Towers. Jason's Deli is also in Tower 2 and we do most of our grocery shopping there. Sometime I'll take pictures of the people hanging around there in the evenings.

I wanted you to see the scary sidewalks (called "5-foot ways" here) they have in our neighborhood. There are deep drainage culverts alongside to prevent flash floods, but damn, there aren't any grates covering them! I get the willies everytime I walk down them.

That's all for now. The handyman is here hanging some of our pictures and I'd better make sure he's doing it right.

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