Sunday, November 05, 2006

Adding a Time Clock to Your Blog

I've been asked a few times how I added the Time Clock to my blog. Clicking on the Time Clock link will take you directly to the site to generate your own clock. Select the options that you would like for your own clock. You can change the font and background colors to suit your own blog. Once you have the clock the way you want it, click on "Show HTML for clock". This will generate the code you need to copy and paste to your template.

If you want your clock in the sidebar you will need to paste the code between:

The sidebar information is located quite a distance from the top of the template.

After you have pasted the code, click on the "Preview" button. If everything looks the way you want it, then click "Save Template Changes" and republish your blog.

A word of caution: prior to making any changes to your template, always copy and paste the template code to Notepad and save to a file name you'll remember. This way if Blogger goes down (which seems to be happening quite frequently of late), or things get messed up after publishing you can easily copy and paste the original code into your template.

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