Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Few More Things.......

My mother-in-law has moved into an assisted-living facility in Carlinville. It's a brand-new place, and there are very few patients living there now. She's very excited about it, and she's getting lots of attention from the staff . Skip and Beth have made her new place comfortable and "homey". Michael flew back there last week to visit and lend a helping hand.

On his way over via Singapore Airlines, he was promptly greeted with yet ANOTHER bout of food poisoning. Never, I repeat, NEVER, eat ANY seafood when traveling from Asia to ANYWHERE. There were 3 tiny little shrimp on top of a lettuce salad, and he's fairly certain that's what made him sick. I've eaten that same salad many times now, but I won't again. I've avoided the scallops after his previous bout of food-poisoning. Fortunately, this bout wasn't as bad as two years ago, and he didn't need to go to the hospital. I think the problem with the seafood is that it is probably sitting out in the heat too long during transport to the airline. The attendants were very helpful and kind to him. He said after he was finished being sick, he was able to sleep about 10 hours. When he awoke, he saw three bags lined up in the seat next to him "just in case".

Once he got to Carlinville (there were delays getting him to St. Louis), he just went straight to his mom's house to sleep. I got an e-mail from Mom asking if he was planning to come to Indy to visit them and Jimmy. Turns out, she had to take Jim to the hospital for bleeding, but the doc released him. He was scheduled for 50 hours work last week, and he was excited about making more than the usual money.

After Michael had spent some time with Glo and set up a TV in her bedroom, he decided to head over to Indy. Once he got there, Mom filled him in on Jim's health problem. Michael stayed the night at Jim's place, but ended up taking him to the ER very early in the morning. This is where it gets sketchy for me because of the time difference, etc.; that really gets confusing. He was suffering from very serious bleeding and the doc admitted him this time. The gastroenterologist scoped his stomach and colon. He discovered inflammation, and did a biopsy.

The diagnosis is diverticulosis -- certainly not common for a 24-year old, but he's a junk-food junkie. Please, please, please, consider eating vegetables and fruits again????

It was hell being over here knowing my "baby" was so ill. That's the part I hate about living overseas.

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