Sunday, July 02, 2006

Ana Catarina's First Hair Cut

I'm going to attempt to describe some of the customs Romanians observe at their child's first birthday. If any Romanians see I've noted something incorrectly, please make sure to leave a comment.

A Romanian baby's first birthday is celebrated with a hair cut. This is a very special occasion. The Godparents buy new clothes, socks, shoes for her and the Godmother dresses the baby. Ana was a bit overwhelmed with so many people watching her.

Camelia, the Godmother, snipped Catarina's hair in the sign of the Cross -- first a snip at the top of her head and then a snip of hair on each side.

Paul, the Godfather, then lit the candle that was used at Catarina's baptism. Catarina's three tiny locks of hair were placed on a coin. Paul dripped wax from the candle on to her hair and then another coin was placed on top sealing the locks of hair between coins.

Camelia placed on a tray a calculator, book, comb, pearls, pen, money, mirror, and lipstick. Catarina was shown the tray and selected the comb first, then the pen, and lastly the pearls. I think this means that she will be beautiful, smart, and have lots of jewelry in her future.

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