Sunday, July 23, 2006

Mersing, Malaysia

Friday, we went with another couple (they're "car people"), Mike and Diane to go to a resort on Tioman Island. They picked us up at 9 a.m. and we started our journey through customs and into Malaysia.

As we got closer to Mersing, the roads were two-lane, winding, and up and down. I think we were the only people on the road for miles. As we were driving along, Mike pointed out that there were monkeys on the side of the road. Since nobody was behind us, he stopped to take some pictures.

We arrived in Mersing, Malaysia at about 12:30. Mike went to check on the ferry and was informed that it was full and we would have to wait until the next one at 5:30. We asked a man nearby if there were any shops or entertainment and he said, "There's nothing to do here." At least he was honest! So, we went to a little restaurant in a hut and had some beers and lunch.

While we were sitting in the restaurant, a big thunderstorm started rolling through. Diane and I both needed to use the bathroom, but it was raining so hard we had to wait. Finally, after about 30 minutes the rain let up and we asked the guy where the toilets were. His reply was, "We do not have toilets here, you must go over to the ferry station." So, we headed over there only to discover the most foul, rank "toilet" I've ever encountered! It was SO stinky and the floor was so wet that I was terrified I might slip and fall. Diane took a picture because we know that no one would be able to fully comprehend the horrid nature of attempting to relieve oneself in Mersing! Whew!!!

After this, we decided we weren't going to drink much of anything until we got out of Mersing!

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