Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Bum Boat Ride

After Mom, Dad, and Mary returned home from their trek in MacRitchie Reservoir, we had McDonald's delivered for lunch for them. Jimbo and I had just had them deliver an hour before they got home. McDonald's must think I have a bingeing problem!

We all rested a while and then Jim wanted to check out Bugis Junction. He finally found a cool game room there, but our feet hurt too much to hang around while he played video games. So, we headed over to Boat Quay for a river cruise in a bum boat.

After our little river cruise, Mom, Dad, and Mary headed home, but Jim and I ate dinner in a little restaurant near the Merlion. After dinner, we walked over to the Fullerton Hotel to get a taxi. We ended up getting what Mom calls "taxi-jacked". I think the driver thought he could get by driving in circles before taking us home. What should have been a S$6.50 trip ended up costing $10! I reported him to the Land Transport Authority and to the taxi company.

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