Sunday, August 27, 2006

Ngee Ann City -- Takashimaya

Today, we took everyone to Ngee Ann City. Mom wanted to get Nancie from the Harley-Davidson store, and there's one there. She immediately found what Nancie had on her list to purchase. That was nice.

Takashimaya is a huge department store also located in Ngee Ann City. In the Basement 1 level, there is a Cold Storage (grocery chain) and all sorts of food vendors that allow sampling. I think the first thing we sampled was a dessert soup, chestnut something or other that had corn in it. It was very sweet, but I liked it. Then I had them try my favorite, Bee Cheng Hiang Barbequed Pork (bak kwa). It is delicious!

Next, I had them try a Durian pancake. Durian is considered the King of Fruits in Southeast Asia. It has a powerful, pungent odor (I think it smells a bit like ammonia). There are different varieties too. When Durian is in season, it is used to make all kinds of desserts -- one of them, Durian pancake. Mom and Dad thought the pancake tasted like onion and garlic, while Mary and I thought it tasted very sweet. It's unusual to say the least, and I'm glad that they had a chance to actually taste and smell it! I'm told that it is against the law to take Durian onto the MRT because the government doesn't want to have it filled with its aroma. When buying it from the Cold Storage, it is sealed in plastic wrap and then put into another plastic container.

We sampled a few more foods, and then headed back down Orchard Road and over to Far East Plaza. Jimmy bought a cool watch from a small sidewalk vendor.

By this time, we were all hot and tired, so we walked over to The American Club and had some dinner in the Union Bar.

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