Monday, October 30, 2006

I've Got the "Willies" Now!

I was heating up the little T-Fal electric grill we have in the kitchen, I closed the kitchen door and then partially opened the windows in there for some ventilation. Suddenly, I was being swarmed by "flying ants"! I think that they were termites, but that doesn't matter. I FEEL SWARMED! EEEEK!!! I NEED A 3RD SHOWER!

I became a woman with a "mission from God" (remember the Blues Brothers?)! I closed the windows, found my fly-swatter in the laundry room, covered the food I was preparing, and then started swatting those suckers like a mad woman! Holy Moly! It's just not right to have swarming insects flying freely this high up in the atmosphere AND IN MY DAMN KITCHEN!

I would've used my handy-dandy Baygone, but I only want to kill those damn flying bugs, NOT myself!

It's been a couple of hours now..........I think I've gotten all of those critters with the fly-swatter. You'd better hope so, or there's going to be more posts about creepy-flying things in our apartment!

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infostall said...

Hi Diana,
May I know how did you get the Temprature clock in your blog?