Sunday, October 15, 2006

U.S. Marines in Singapore

After the movie, we went to Boat Quay for dinner. As we were walking to get a taxi, I remarked that we'd never checked out Molly Malone's before. Once inside, we heard a young man talking about his experience at Orchard Towers, and then he said it was his birthday. We decided that we should buy him a birthday drink.

It turned out that he had a lot of buddies with him -- U.S. Marines here only for the weekend. It was really fun talking with them. It made me miss the days when Jim and Patrick would have a bunch of guys over to hang out (although I don't miss cleaning up after them). These young men have very hard jobs, and I admire them for their commitment to serve our country. Thanks guys!

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dianapeter1987 said...

...and they are very hot too.