Friday, October 20, 2006

Just A Few Things......

I went to the doctor today just to get the usual meds, and was about to leave when one of the women who works for Dr. Tan said that he forgot to give me a flu shot. I went back in, and he gave me the flu shot. No such thing as having 50 nurses/aides running around. I go into his office, sit down next to his little desk, and he does vitals, etc. It's like the olden days -- and it's so much better! It costs S$35 to see the doctor. Yes, the meds still cost a fortune, but whaddya' gonna' do when most are from the U.S?

The Singapore Government had asked all doctors to order enough shots for all of their patients. Imagine that -- no shortage of flu shots, and I can get it at my doctor's office! No standing in long queues or going to six different places to try to get a shot.

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SteelJaw said...

I really enjoy reading about other cultures and countries. Tell me, is Singapour as cosmopolitan as they say? does it feel a bit like somewhere in the States? Let me know.